CCI Algéro-Française


  • Acoustics, Vibration
  • Data acquisition
  • Gas analysis
  • Physico-chemical analysis
  • Anemometry
  • Automation, Regulation, Process
  • Test benches, Test facilities
  • Colorimetry
  • Leak detection control
  • Flowmetry
  • Dimensional, Three-dimensional
  • Hardness
  • Packaging electronics
  • Standard, Calibrator
  • Calibration, Metrology
  • Extensometry
  • Strength, Torque
  • Humidity, concentration
  • Hygrometry
  • Liquids (dosage, steam)
  • Software
  • Special machines and fluidic cabinets
  • Soil mechanics, Geotechnics
  • Gas mixer, Dilution system
  • Ergonomic measurement, Thermal comfort
  • Meteorology
  • Level
  • Optical
  • Weighing
  • Photonics
  • Plant physiology
  • Position, Displacement
  • Pressure
  • Fire prevention
  • Air quality
  • Clean rooms, Fume cupboards
  • Temperature, Pyrometry
  • Time, Frequency, Tachymetry
  • Electrical test and measurement


The Algerian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCIAF, is a non-profit foreign association under Algerian law, approved by the Algerian Ministry of the Interior. Created in 2011 by Algerian and French businessmen, it was officially approved by the Algerian authorities on February 21, 2011. The association aims to promote the development of relations between French and Algerian companies. It works - within the framework of bilateral relations - to create links and put in direct and permanent contact entrepreneurs and economic operators, Algerian and French, from various sectors of activity.

The continual expansion of the number of members, 2,000 members today and the building of a vast business community around the Algerian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAF) confirms, and strongly encouraging, the vigor and good health of the business climate between Algeria and France. The CCIAF offers a real platform of business support services articulated around 4 activities: information, networking, training and support.

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Algerian-French CCI


Professor Vincent Street, Algiers - Algeria
16000 Algiers, Algeria