Micro and nano liquid flows: metrology at the service of health and innovation.

In the hospital, the delivery of liquid medication by infusion is omnipresent, from the most benign to the most serious pathologies. But how can you be sure that the patient receives the desired dose?

Until 2012, the measurement of liquid micro-flows was very difficult to calibrate with sufficient accuracy.

Since 2012, CETIAT and a few other national reference laboratories have created calibration benches for liquid micro-flows, from one drop per second to one drop per minute.

But not all needs are met yet: what about insulin pumps and other implanted devices delivering drug flow rates that can be as low as a few nanoliters per minute, or one drop per week? How do you measure these tiny flows accurately?

CETIAT within the framework of a European research project, will design and implement a new primary calibration bench (national standard) in liquid nanoflowmetry. There are many applications in micro and nanofluidics: medical and industrial, pharmaceuticals, including the food industry and the automotive industry, chemicals, etc. Through its thematic presentation, CETIAT will present the challenges, current developments and prospects for nano-fluidics, in full swing.