Le Journal des Fluides


  • Acoustics, Vibration
  • Data acquisition
  • Gas analysis
  • Physico-chemical analysis
  • Anemometry
  • Automation, Regulation, Process
  • Test benches, Test facilities
  • Colorimetry
  • Leak detection control
  • Flowmetry
  • Dimensional, Three-dimensional
  • Hardness
  • Packaging electronics
  • Standard, Calibrator
  • Calibration, Metrology
  • Extensometry
  • Strength, Torque
  • Humidity, concentration
  • Hygrometry
  • Liquids (dosage, steam)
  • Software
  • Special machines and fluidic cabinets
  • Soil mechanics, Geotechnics
  • Gas mixer, Dilution system
  • Ergonomic measurement, Thermal comfort
  • Meteorology
  • Level
  • Optical
  • Weighing
  • Photonics
  • Plant physiology
  • Position, Displacement
  • Pressure
  • Fire prevention
  • Air quality
  • Clean rooms, Fume cupboards
  • Temperature, Pyrometry
  • Time, Frequency, Tachymetry
  • Electrical test and measurement


The magazine is aimed at professionals (purchasers, specifiers, maintenance and production managers, engineers and technicians, etc.) in the various fields of fluids: - Food industry - Industry - Chemistry and cosmetics - Recycling and environment - Water - Animal feed All news: all new information affecting the corporation (buyouts, appointments, inaugurations, etc.)

Interview: the floor is given to a company director who manufactures or distributes materials for fluids. Survey: the survey aims to discover several facets of a subject related to current events. Its theme can be approached from different angles: technical, economic, legal… Report: the objective is to make the reader discover the multiple facets of an installation. Expertise: the expertise aims to highlight and explain in detail a very precise technical point among the specificities of our professional world. Flagship products: every day, new materials appear or evolve This section presents the latest news.

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The Journal of Fluids


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